“1991 Acura NSX – Building Honda’s Dream Car “


Being raised as automotive hobbyists, the dream car of many has long been the famed Acura NSX. Porsches and other supercars weren’t in the spectrum of reality because they were cars that you just saw in magazines or owned by the wealthy. The NSX was different; something about the supercar being manufactured by Honda just managed to get seem obtainable. It was a Honda after all. How much could an NSX really cost if everybody was driving a Honda, right? As you get older, reality kicks in with gradual maturity, and also you start to understand the value of things. You soon realize that even during your late twenties, the NSX isn’t exactly some car that one couldin the past. They were, and therefore are, still preferred and were able to retain their value through the years. They can be by no means cheap by any stretch from the imagination, although obviously, they aren’t as pricey as they used to be whenever they left showroom floors in the early ’90s. This is certainly evidenced from the voice in your head uttering the familiar words must be nice when you discovertogether with a six-speed manual swap, making this car a great time to drive!

The NSX has long been a dream car of mine since childhood, Jeffrey Nguyen says. He or she is the guy you’d likely say MBN to because he’s the owner of the sleek NA1 here. I’ve always been an avid fan of Hondas, and one of my first builds was an H22A turbocharged Prelude. I owned a couple of other cars afterward, but nothing really in comparison to the fun and reliability of a Honda. After I graduated college, I began looking for NSXs. I didn’t expect to find anything however I found one for sale in California for $20,000. If you’ve never actually considered purchasing an NSX before, it is pretty hard to find a high quality one under $20K-even by today’s standards. I discovered this car in 2006. That price was unusualthrough the price tag, Jeffrey contacted the owner to find out more. The property owner contacted him shortly after with the details, and before Jeffrey knew it, he was on the way to Long Beach from his hometown of Las Vegas to discover the car for himself. The property owner assured me that it was well-maintained, though The [NSX] had about 150,000 on the odometer, which was somewhat high. He had every one of the service records to support his claims. I took it to get a quick test drive and was sold. I was finally an NSX owner, and also theThough his doubts subsided after the journey home, he still did a leak-down and compression test to ascertain if the original C30A engine was good. For Hondas, that type of mileage isn’t anything unusual, although 150K may sound like it has lived a couple lifetimes. The tests showed that the V6 ran perfectly strong. It was now time for Jeffrey to get started on planning out his build. He explains, I already had a pretty good idea how I wanted the car to check before I even purchased it. The car is over twenty years old, so appearance-wise, it absolutely was a bit dated. I wanted allow it a modern update without sacrificing an excessive amount of the original lines. I didn’t go overboard with the wild aero like some NSXs. Too, because I planned to cruise around a whole lot.””, this car still had to be very streetable””was included with removing the original front face of Jeffrey’s NA1. As opposed to the old motorized flip-up headlights, he opted to go with a more modern NA2 front-end, which was available in the ’02-and-up models. With a fresh new face mounted, Jeffrey proceeded to bring the vehicle closer to the pavement with the addition of TEIN Flex coilovers. Unlike most conventional suspensions, Jeffrey’s TEIN dampers have a custom air-cup kit. This adds a really small air bag to the front dampers that’s hooked up to a compressor that feeds air involved with it. The result allows the front to visitAmong the many great features for being an NSX owner may be the camaraderie that exists within their community. They often times get together to be on spirited drives through local canyons. After I got the exterior of my NSX dialed in, I took it out to a couple of NSX group drives with other owners. I fell in love with the way the car handled every curve. It’s a feeling like no other car I’ve ever owned or driven. It became an obsession of mine to improve the agility of the vehicle. In the process, I must have experimented with every strut and sway bar combination possible.

I enjoyed every inch of my NSX, however it always felt like it needed an extra gear. It also wouldn’t hurt to free up the motor some, even though power wasn’t a limiting factor. The factory five-speed came out eventually and then in went a ’97 model six-speed manual. I also added a new CT Power Grip clutch and light-weight flywheel. The C30A1 sounded too much such as an Accord in my opinion, so I installed a set of Pride headers along with their exhaust system to give it so muchThe rest inside the cockpit is likewise reimagined to resemble the Japanese NSX-R. The door cards have been covered with red Alcantara and the carpet and floor mats are original NSX-R. Even original leather components were tweaked slightly with adding red stitching. Furthermore, all removable plastic trim pieces were substituted for stylish carbon-fiber alternates.

Jeffrey concludes, After college, I started my own shop and my NSX functions as a great kind of advertising to draw interest toward my business. It’s just one of those cars that is certainly highly respected everywhere. I will go to a Coffee and Cars gathering with older enthusiasts, an auto show or meet with younger crowd and also cruise along on exotic car runs. It’s really multifaceted. More than anything else, owning this NSX also has provided me with the opportunity meet probably the most down-to-earth drivers I’ve ever known. Besides being an ultimate driving machine, it has helped me to network in life. Simply put, there’s not one other car like it.