Simple Maintenance Tips for a Smooth Ride

For the majority of time our cars take us to wherever we want to go without a hiccup – they take us out and they also bring us home without having trouble by any means. It’s little wonder then that we tend to take things for granted after a while. In order to enable them to run better for longer, It’s well worth remembering however, that even the most trustworthy of vehicles relies upon us to complete a few basic maintenance steps.

If you remember these top tips it will not only help your vehicle to last longer but additionally cut down on repair bills down the road and be sure that your vehicle is safe and reliable for the long term.

See the Manual . . . Then Follow The Instructions – every new car comes with a manufacturers manual and although nobody can force you to follow the advice it’s a really smart course of action. The manual will tell you the recommended maintenance tips for your particular car including:

• The frequency of which you should modify the oil, and how to do it

• The levels and color of fluids

• The type of fuel which should be utilized for your particular vehicle

Keep Close Track Of Your Tires – auto manuals may also have recommendations about how exactly often your tires should be rotated. You have to check over your tires regularly to ensure that they are with the correct pressure and that have sufficient tread for them to be safe. This not simply gives you a smoother ride but also can help to maximize fuel efficiency and lower the risk of suffering with a blowout.

Driver Broken Down On Country Road
Driver Broken Down On Country Road

Read the Signals – you have to learn how to pay attention to your car and recognize when things are not quite right. Listen out for unusual grinding or squeaking noises which could imply that your brakes need checking. If your steering wheel gets the shakes even when you are driving along smooth roads it may also be a sign that something serious is going on. Address them once you notice them as if something feels wrong with your car then there probably is something wrong with it, it’s important that you don’t ignore these pointers.

Be considered a Good Driver – good drivers are kind with their cars. They don’t treat them like race cars and see if they can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in a few seconds. In the event you set off slowly it causes less strain towards the engine, change gears smoothly and don’t brake too hard which can cause harm. In order to get the best out of your car for longer, everything should be slow and smooth.


Make it Clean – and that means on the inside and the outside too. The outside of your car can become a carrier for lots of debris including hot, bugs and dirt tar during the summer salt and time during the winter time. All of these things will have a detrimental impact on your car over a duration of time including both the motor parts and the structure from the body. Ensure that is stays tidy and clean inside and outside.


Just following these very simple tips can help you to get many more years and many more miles out of your car, as well as help it to retain a good re-sale value.

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